8. Caribou – Our Love

Our Love
“Our Love” by Caribou

Country: Canada
Release date: 6 October 2014
Label: City Slang

“How hard it has been since I left you
You’re my sweet thing
The only thing I want is to caress you
In my dreams dear
You are here beside me in my bedroom
All night dear
Hold each other like I never met you”

“Our Love” has Caribou’s last full length record, the brilliant “Swim” from 2010 (which sine its release has grown into one of my most listened to albums from that year), as its starting point. From there it takes an even deeper dive into the ocean of progressive house music. The result is somewhat surprising. This is in no way a dance record, in fact it may very well be the opposite. Most of these tracks would be quite unsuitable for most dance floors. Instead, we are faced with a collection of absolutely beautiful songs about love. It starts with the confessional and desperate “Can’t Do Without You”, where the title basically is repeated over and over (again, repetition can be so fantastic when it’s done right) and ends with the sweet tribute that is “Your Love Will Set You Free” (quoted above). Where “Swim” was sweaty and manic “Our Love” is still and reflectional and it is still in every way just as overturning and brilliant.

“Our Love” (official music video)

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