7. FKA twigs – LP1

“LP1″ by FKA twigs

Country: UK
Release date: 6 August 2014
Label: Young Turks

“When I trust you we can do it with the lights on
When I trust you we can do it with the lights on
When I trust you we’ll make love until the morning
Let me tell you all my secrets and I’ll whisper ‘til the day’s done”

If someone were to embody the sound of 2014 that someone would be FKA twigs. The mix of slow trippy electronica and R&B is the perfect sound of today. Image a collaboration between The xx and Beyoncé, which to me pretty much would be the greatest thing in the world, and you get the idea. LP1 is in it’s core a very sensual album. See for instance the chorus to “Lights On” above or the fantastic “Two Weeks” (featuring lines like “I can fuck you better than her”). However sensuality always seem to naturally transcends into a lot of heartbreak and disappointment and LP1 really reflects that side of the story as well with songs like “Pendulum” (“So lonely trying to be yours”) and “Numbers” (“Was I just a number to you? Was I just a lonely girl to fly?”). In short, this album sounds amazing and it also manages to paint a complex picture of sex, love, and the hurt that comes with it.

“Pendulum” (official music video)

“Two Weeks” (official music video)

“Video Girl” (official music video)

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