4. Killers Walk Among Us – Killers Walk Among us

Killers Walk Among Us
“Killers Walk Among Us” by Killers Walk Among Us

Country: Sweden
Release date: 4 June 2014
Label: A Tendervision Recording

“What could I’ve become
If I had not died that young”

Afflicting. The only suitable word to describe The Killers Walk Among us. A music project ten years in the making. A group of friends working together to fulfil the vision of creative lead, singer and songwriter, Stefan Holmberg. After the album was finished, Holmberg decided to end his life and leave this world. Hence he never actually got the enjoy the actual release of the record. Judging from what you can gather from listening to it, maybe he was never meant to either. To quote the band’s official website “This is the result of one person’s perception of life, love and melancholy”. I can only begin to imagine what it must be like to listen to his work if you actually knew Holmberg, but to me it’s absolutely devastating.

Från Ramsberget Ser Jag Allting Som Någonsin Hänt Oss (official msuic video)

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