28. Julie Byrne – Rooms With Walls And Windows

Julie Byrne
“Rooms With Walls And Windows” by Julie Byrne

Country: US
Release date: 21 January 2014
Label: Ordinal Records

“We met on New Years Eve in New York City
How cold it had been then and soon will be again
We could’ve lived together and given up our dreams of wandering
We could’ve left together and given up our dreams of the home we could keep”

This debut with its lo-fi folk arrangements is fully carried by the tremendously beautiful and unique voice that belongs to Julie Byrne. Its mystical and dreamy lyrics somehow manage to be both abstract and very personal at the same time. Rooms With Walls And Windows is an album that most definitely is best listened to with your eyes closed.

“Prism Song” (official music video)

“Emerald” (from Portals Music’s Sessions)

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