26. Hello Saferide – The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide

The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide
“The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide” by Hello Saferide

Country: Sweden
Release date: 3 September 2014
Label: Razzia Records

“And I was Jesus
and I went into the sea
and I took two fishes
and I turned them into millions

And I took five loaves of bread
and fed a country with them
and I said: “Do you believe me now?”
“Sorry”, they said,
“We focused on your wet white cloth as you bent over to pick up the fishes””

I’ve always preferred Annika Norlin as Hello Saferide over her Swedish alter ego Säkert!. To me listening to this album is kind of like visting an old friend. As always with Norlin’s work, dead serious topics are delivered wrapped in a layer of quirkiness. To quote is from “I Was Jesus” in which she takes the role of a female version of Jesus (as well as Gandhi and Martin Luther King). A brilliant way of getting her message across! The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide is filled with moments like this.

“I Was Jesus” (official music video)

“Hey Ho” (official music video)

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