22. arrange – Their Bodies In A Fog

Their Bodies In A Fog
“Their Bodies In A Fog” by arrange

Country: US
Release date: 4 March 2014
Label: Orchid Tapes

“This is where I found out I was
the boiling of the hate in my gut
that I would have to learn to distrust

This is where I found out my gun
was filled up with a hate that I loved
the echo of a boy who won’t trust

The follow-up to 2012’s phenomenal “New Memory” brings more of the same, but is also perhaps slightly more experimental. Dreamy landscapes painted with illusive words and ambient beats. It’s all quite abstract, but so very captivating. The grainy cover photo, a dark foggy road somewhere is a perfect fit. The quote is from “Alumni”, a beautiful collaboration between arrange and fellow ambienthead Ricky Eat Acid.

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