21. Nicole Sabouné – Must Exist

Must Exist
“Must Exist” by Nicole Sabouné

Country: Sweden
Release date: 28 January 2014
Label: Roxy Recordings

“It is with trembling hands that I will tell your friends
That every happy story ends
Oh is it so hard to see
There’s no return
Oh my god I tried to keep an open heart
To be ready for a new start
But he was not there for me
I never learn”

The perfect combination of 80s post punk and modern Swedish indie. That’s the best way to describe “Must Exist”. Despite being drenched in darkness, pretty much every single track on this album is crafted in such a brilliant way that makes it a potential hit song. The above quote is from “I Surrender” (actually a bonus track) and it perfectly captures the mood of the album. Basically; no one else gives a fuck, you’re on your own.

“Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral” (official music video)

“Conquer Or Suffer” (official music video)

“Win This Life” (official music video)

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