20. How To Dress Well – “What Is This Heart?”

"What Is This Heart?"
“What Is This Heart?” by How To Dress Well

Country: US
Release date: 23 June 2014
Label: Domino

“Oh if you want it, guess you want it all baby
But once you got it you want something else
Even if you’re holding out for something unchanging
Yeah, once it got it, you want something else

How To Dress Well was one of my most interesting new discoveries of 2014. That falsetto! His voice is truly remarkable. These are classic R&B style tunes, but delivered together with ambient electronic beats and minimal piano chords, making them even more powerful.
The songs range from the more traditional “Repeat Pleasure” (quoted above) to the slowly building repetitive “A Power”. All equally fantastic.

The videos below represents three parts of a trilogy, so make sure to watch them in the correct order!

“Repeat Pleasure” (official music video – part 1)

“Face Again” (official music video – part 2)

“Childhood Faith In Love” (official music video – part 3)

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