15. Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

It's Album Time
“It’s Album Time” by Todd Terje

Country: Norway
Release date: 8 April 2014
Label: Olsen Records

“Johnny’s always running around
Trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm
That he ain’t lonely
Mary counts the walls
Says she should be used to it”

Todd Terje makes a stunning slow dance ballad out of Robert Palmer’s 1980 hit “Johnny And Mary”, featuring none other than Bryan Ferry on vocals. Ferry makes the album’s only guest appearance, and this is also pretty much the only non-instrumental track in the record’s only non-intrumental track. All in all “It’s Album Time” is quite diverse, and brings together everything from house to bossa nova into a weird and wonderful mix. The foundation is however always the funky disco sound that is Terje’s trademark, which makes it literary impossible to stand still. This is possibly the most fun album of 2014 and a real joyride from start to finish.

“Leisure Suit Preben” (sort of official music video)

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