14. First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

Stay Gold
“Stay Gold” by First Aid Kit

Country: Sweden
Release date: 6 June 2014
Label: Columbia Records

“I could move to a small town
And become a waitress
Say my name was Stacy
And I was figuring things out
See my baby, he left me
And I don’t feel like it tonight
I remember sleepless nights
I remember Chicago
I remember the music
From the downstairs bar
Girls, they just want to have fun
And the rest of us hardly know who we are”

“Stay Gold” is the third consecutive First Aid Kit album that I’ve included in my yearly lists, I guess that says something about how highly I regard this duo. It’s been a true privilege to follow them over the years and to see them evolve and mature, both as recording artists and as live performers. There’s a certain uniqueness to their style, and you can always identify a song as being First Aid Kit when you hear it. Their traditional American folk and country influences really shine through on this record, and I don’t think there’s any other non-American songwriter that can create convincing songs about waitresses from Chicago (see the opening lines to “Waitress Song” above).

“My Silver Lining” (official music video)

“Stay Gold” (official music video)

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