13. The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

Lost In The Dream
“Lost In The Dream” by The War On Drugs

Country: US
Release date: 8 March 2014
Label: Secretly Canadian

“Run away, I’m a traveling man
Been walking every day
I watch you as you hesitate
Walking through the rain”

These lines are the start to “An Ocean In Between The Waves”, and as they indicate this is an album that never stands still. Each track slowly builds towards something. There’s a constant drive, moving you forward with a Springsteen like energy. Most tracks on “Lost In The Dream” may seem rather ordinary at first but a few minutes they’ll all have exploded into something else, and that’s where you’ll find the beauty of this album. Sometimes it’s the whispers of singer Adam Granduciel’s soothing voice and sometimes it’s an unexpected change of chords. There’s so much detail here, such craftsmanship, and that’s what makes this record so brilliant.

“Under The Pressure” (official music video)

“Red Eyes” (official music video)

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