12. Trust – Joyland

“Joyland” by Trust

Country: Canada
Release date: 4 March 2014
Label: Arts & Crafts

“Overwrought, overjoyed, overwrite this constant void
Overloved, oh rejoice, over complicate the choice
Helplessly we’re once descended, once descended, once descended
Helplessly we’re once descended, once descended, once descended”

Trust, now the solo project of Robert Alfons, is dark, dirty, and delightful synth pop. The thumping bass hits like a fist, the searing synths pulls you apart, and Alfons’ singing turns into the chants of a crazed cultist. “Icabod” (chorus lines above) is the perfect example of this. It’s all brilliance and madness at the same time.

“Capitol” (official music video)

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