11. Sage Francis – Copper Gone

Copper Gone
“Copper Gone” by Sage Francis

Country: US
Release date: 3 June 2014
Label: Strange Famous Records

“You should drown me in that womanhood and teach me how to swim
Beat me with my own hands and tie down my limbs
Suffer for my sins or let me suffer from within
But in the end this is not a love ballad
We can battle with tattoos to cover up the bruises
The first to show any sign of discomfort loses
For the first time in a long time you’re not who my muse is
And this is not a love ballad”

I hold Sage Francis as one of the world’s top MC’s. He’s both a remarkable lyricist and an excellent rapper. “Copper Gone” marks the return from a four year long hiatus, and it’s a return that includes some of his best work to date! It was extremely difficult to just pick a few of lines to quote because this album is a gold mine. Wether it comes to telling a beautiful story about loneliness on “Make Em Purr”, spitting mindblowing battle rhymes on “Cheat Code”, taking a swing at rappers doing a “radio friendly version of what I do” on “ID Thieves”, or paying tribute to Eyedea (RIP) on “Say Uncle” Sage does it with such conviction and skill. I finally found it suitable to pick a passage from “Grace”, which is the story of a relationship ended, because “Copper Gone” is in the end a very personal record.

“Make Em Purr” (official music video)

“Grace” (official music video)

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