10. Ison & Fille – Länge Leve Vi

Länge Leve Vi
“Länge Leve Vi” by Ison & Fille

Country: Sweden
Release date: 26 Februray 2014
Label: Hemmalaget

2014 was a good year for hip hop, and the Swedish scene was no exception. For me, the definite highlight was the release of “Länge Leve Vi” (translation: “Viva Us”), the fifth studio album by veteran duo Ison & Fille. It serves as a snapshot of the current state of both the Swedish hip hop scene, and Sweden at large. The Swedish rap scene is in a very interesting place right now with plenty of new talent emerging. This is pretty much the first generation of MC’s that grew up listening to Swedish hiphop, and hence don’t have to look across the Atlantic for inspiration. Ison & Fille acknowledges this by inviting newcomers Nebay Meles and Rosh on their banger track “New Shit”. The Swedish nation on the other hand is on a much darker path with fascists as the third largest political party in parliament. “Länge Leve Vi” is not a political record in the traditional sense, even though there are some traces of it especially in “Någon annans fel” which has the Stockholm riots of 2013 as its starting point. Instead the central theme of the album is rising from having nothing and conquering your own destiny, and it is a real monument of triumph over what the two friends have managed to build together over the last 15+ years. More than that it’s also a rap record filled with so much love. Love for your hoods. Love for your friends. Love for hip hop.

“Länge Leve Vi” (official music video)

“Langa Fram” (official music video)

“Ambition” (official music video)

“Vår Sida Av Stan” (official music video)

“Någon Annans Fel” (official music video)

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